Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT 4 Channel Performance DJ Controller for Serato

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Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT 4 Channel Performance Controller

The Serato-compatible version of the popular Pioneer DDJ-1000 is here – Meet the Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT. This 4 -channel controller for Serato DJ Pro is designed to feel just like our club-standard CDJ-DJM setup. You’ll enjoy the low-latency, full-size jog wheels and a slick MAGVEL Fader, for tight scratching. The On Jog Displays show you important track information in the centre of each jog wheel, you can concentrate on the crowd, and not your laptop.


Scratching feels intuitive thanks to the full-size jog wheels, which you can set to your preferred resistance using Jog Adjust, and a MAGVEL FADER. Highly durable for more than 10 million movements, the MAGVEL FADER makes intricate performances feel easy.


The buttons and knobs on this Serato DJ Pro controller are arranged in the same way as those on our club-standard NXS2 DJ equipment. As a result, transitioning between this setup and gear you find in DJ booths is a breeze.


See all the information you need via the full-color, high-definition LCD screen in the center of each jog. Monitor playback time, BPM, playback position, and more. This feature’s easy to use, with the display matching the Serato DJ Pro GUI.


Enhance tracks using 4 popular Sound Color FX – Pitch, Filter, Dub Echo, and Noise – from our DJM-series DJ mixers, and get creative with 14 Beat FX. You can instantly reference BPM and the name of the selected FX thanks to the dedicated Beat FX screen.


The DDJ-1000SRT has 4 inputs so you can connect to CDJs or analog turntables, and use it as a stand-alone DJ mixer. You can also connect directly to PA speakers and microphones thanks to a Booth, 2 Master, and 2 Mic inputs.